dude busts out machete and chops more than just this watermelon
It's stupid hot outside and with boat race weekend upon us, there are bound to be some fun times with friends and family. Even if you aren't going to the festivities on and over the Columbia River this weekend, you will likely be trying your best to stay cool and enjoy the weather with barbecues, bo…
10 Disgusting Beers You Should Never, Ever Try
When we decided to do a list of the 10 worst beers ever, we were kind of excited -- drinking on the job sounds like an awesome idea. Then we spent the next two days sampling every beer we've ever heard was kind of gross. You have to give us some credit for our serious and thorough approach to r…
My Mid Col. Wine & Spirits Visit
Check out some of my favorites from today's visit to Mid Co. Wine & Spirits!
First off I ran into this gem of a package deal from Woodinville Whiskey.
I then walked around the corner to find an all time favorite and its in a 'PARTY BUCKET'!!

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