Ever Wonder How Far You can Drive on an Empty Tank?
When your gas light comes on, have you ever wondered how long you can drive?
Here is a list of the top 50 vehicles in America
are having a hard time reading this list? here ya go!
Ford F-150 – 35-80 miles
Chevrolet Silverado – 25 miles
Ram 1500 – 63-87 miles
Toyoya Camry – 65-91 miles
Toyota Corolla – 60-…
Find out How I Got Cheap Gas in the Tri-Cities!
Gas prices are dropping more and more each day. I've been shaking my head in pleasant disbelief each time I've expected them to rise.
But, do you wanna know how you can get the cheapest gas in the Tri-Cities every time you need to fuel up...

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