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My Secret Fantasy Job – Being a TV Weather Woman
If you were listening this morning you may have noticed I did the KNDU news update. There was some sort of technical problem so in a pinch I filled in. When I was in broadcasting school reading the news was always my strong suit. Over the years I have always thought being a TV weather woman would be…
Stacy Lee’s Husband Caught Committing Adultery Online
Netflix adultery that is! It recently came to my attention my hubby is committing "Netflix Adultery" He started the series "Mad Men" some time ago. Well put it this way he's on episode 32....Really 32 and I had no idea he was so into the show. He must have be…
Check Out Stacy Lee’s Talking Dog [VIDEO]
If you listen to the show you know I'm a dog lover. Sadie Mae is my almost 2 year old Cock-A-Poo and she has a unique talent...she talks, well it's more of a howl. I think it's stinking adorable. click here to see Sadie Mae talk!
Should Stacy Lee Reply to Her Prison Mail?
Stacy Lee is awfully busy carving the slopes at White Pass and organizing dog birthday parties, so she is unlikely to write back. The Oregon gentleman's plea was so polite we kind of wish she would. You weigh in, should Stacy Lee reply to her prison mail?
Stacy Lee’s Leftover Turkey Soup Recipe
If you hosted Christmas at your home this year you probably have a ton of left-overs. I like the left-overs in their original form for about 2 days then I'm ready to move on, but hate to waste food. Here is my easy left over turkey soup recipe. Warning I'm going to go Rachel Ray on you wit…
Stacy Lee’s 30 Day “Hungry Girl” Challenge
Here it is November 1st my 3rd weeding anniversary is coming up at the end of the month and I realize I've gained about 15 pounds. I guess that's pretty normal after getting married, however at my age (42) I can't let it happen. I recently watched an episode of Dr. OZ and saw this wom…

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