You finally did it! I closed on your new home and you're moving in. Now just imagine that after a while you notice some unwelcome guests: TERMITES! These little fools can eat and destroy the wood in your home, and they don't even pay rent! There have been at least three cases of termites reported and new home builder Viking Homes have issued a statement due to the creepy insects being found in their newly built homes:

As result of this information regarding three owners, Viking will be taking additional steps to pre-treat homes for termites on future homes built in this development. Obviously, this is a building cost that will be made part of the cost of the home. We will also be happy to work with existing homeowners in this neighborhood to assist them in having a contractor provide similar treatment, if they so desire at the homeowners expense."

If you live in West Richland and think you may have termites, the city is requesting that you call to report them. Hopefully, they can be contained and no more homes will be affected.