The Jacksonville Jaguars are going back to their big free-agent acquisition to helm the offense for the time being. After being injured in Week 1, Nick Foles is good to go on the road in Indy on November 17. Gardner Minshew stepped in and provided fans with hope and a little thing we call "meme magic." He had a great rookie campaign (so far) with the occasional bad outing. This week in London was one of those bad outings, and the meme power won't save him.

It's very likely Gardner Minshew will have a great NFL career. However, the Jaguars need to see what they have in Nick Foles after throwing $88 million at his moon boots. Foles, a proven playoff performer, isn't like Matt Flynn. The Seahawks dumped $20 million into Matt Flynn's yard after seeing one stand-out game against Detroit. When Russell Wilson outperformed Flynn in the preseason as a rookie, that contract became an afterthought.

If Nick Foles ends up being close to the Super Bowl MVP he was in 2017, Minshew could find new life in a place like Tampa or Carolina, where both teams are said to be moving on from their franchise quarterbacks in the offseason.

Fret not, Minshewmaniacs! This isn't good-bye, it's "See ya later, dude."

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