Welcome to ‘The BeatDown,’ a weekly battle of wrestling topics to discuss, debate and get in actual fights about. This week, we discuss the body ink on two of the WWE’s biggest superstars.

Randy Orton

Son of “Cowboy” Bob, Randy Orton has equal amounts of tatted and un-tatted landscape on his upper body. From tribal designs and skulls to cover up United States Marine Corps logos and Bible verses, the former heavyweight champion is rocking some of the most unique designs in the squared circle. Even more impressive is the work he had done on his back, stretching from shoulder to shoulder, and half way up his neck. Impressive coming from a guy who went AWOL twice.

Rey Mysterio Jr.

The lucha libre, Rey Mysterio Jr. is recognized worldwide for the mask he wears to the ring. Unlike most masked superstars, his fans would still be able to identify him should he ever decide to break kayfabe courtesy of his many tattoos. You can learn a lot from a guy’s tats, and Rey is no different. He’s proud of his Mexican heritage, utilizing the rosary is important to him in his Roman Catholic faith, and the dude wants to make sure his chiropractor keeps everything where is should be. Every drop of ink the former champ has is in some way memorializing something near and dear to the 619 native.

So, who’s it gonna be, Randy or Rey? Whomever you pick, just know that neither of these jabronis holds a candle to Hakushi‘s Japanese grocery list tattoos.