Here it is, "The Focker Fat Bastard Burger" and it's only available at Ty's Bar & Grill in West Richland.

This bad boy was built a couple years ago as a needed energy booster after a charity Wii Bowling Tournament at Ty's. After making it to the finals my body, my wrist and my mind couldn't compete and my partner and I fell short of winning it all.

So to get my mind straight I was asked what I needed to eat and I said give me a burger with everything else you have back in the kitchen on it. Today's version with some minor changes now consist of an all beef patty, foot long hot dog, bacon, ham, roast beef, fried egg, 3 kinds of cheese, mayo, lettuce, pickle, onion and tomato on a sesame seed bun!!(I was never a fan of the veggies so you can also order your a la Focker style with no veggies)