I'm sure it is a little known fact that one of our very own 97 Rock on air personalities loves to bake. He's not even picky he'll bake just about anything. This is not something I just discovered today, it's something I've known for awhile. It's hard not to give into the temptation....In fact I have a really hard time saying no to the delectable delicious goods he shares freely. You could call it peer pressure when he shoves the good stuff in front of my face, I just can't say NO. The suspense must be killing you. So here goes: Meet our very own "Betty Focker" (Coined by Christina Delgado copyright 2012)

I know what you were thinking he's all domesticated now that he's married Actually he's been baking for years. Tempting all who come near his various plates of goodness. I just had to say Thanks "Betty Focker" for today's treat we'll call "Apple Crisp Cheese Cake" Keep baking Bro and we'll keep partaking!