Apple just added a new app for iPhones called Measure that uses incredibly sophisticated technology to estimate how long objects are.

So you know where we're going with this, right?

Yup, the very first thing people started using it to measure? Their junk, of course.

You aim your camera at an object, and the app uses incredibly sophisticated technology to estimate how long it is. Based on what people have been posting on social media, that's pretty much the first use every guy thinks of . . . and plenty of them aren't shy when it comes to talking about it.

Next, there's a skyscraper in China that bears a striking resemblance to male genitalia.  We're talking the whole package.

Courtesy YouTube - AsiaWire
Courtesy YouTube - AsiaWire

And there's video from a fall festival where they shot off fireworks from the top of the building and, well, figure it out.

Apparently, the architect based the design on local landscapes,

Zhuang People Transplant Rice Seedlings At Longji Rice Terrace
VCG via Getty Images

but it's hard to imagine no one figured it out.

How about the guy who reviews sex robots saying the latest model he tested was so smart, she actually seemed to know what he was doing to her?

14% of people have had sex at work. 44% of people have had a workplace romance according to a new survey...and 10% have had one with their BOSS.


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