Yes, literally. This guy is asking for your money in exchange for a swift kick to the groin. According to an interview with Las Vegas Weekly, this guy, I'm going to call him Jimmy, and his roommates have been doing this since February. Jimmy says they make a couple hundred dollars a day and has even raked in a whopping $1,750 in just one night of nut

When asked, 'What kind of pain are we talking about?', Jimmy replied:

There are some tricks to it, a certain way to ride my pants up. I’d say one out of every three kicks connects. I count on a few misses a day to keep me from being out. I got put out of the game a couple weeks ago when I had an NFL kicker come up. Right after he kicked me, he showed me his Super Bowl ring.

Jimmy says most people kick him as hard as they can, but as he tells Las Vegas Weekly, that is what he expects: T

hey want to kick me, they want to go for it, as hard as they can. They want to see me drop. They want to see me in pain. That’s the whole point. That’s how they get their entertainment and I provide it, I guess. Supply and demand.

Times are tough and the money he is getting for the short amount of work is actually pretty good, but this guy is literally nuts. Next time you want to complain about your job, remember you could always go and get your balls repeatedly booted in for $100+/day. You could even undercut the business and give out 2-for-1 deals. Genius, right?

[Via Las Vegas Weekly]

Here are a couple YouTube videos showing off Jimmy's "skills" on the Vegas strip