With their new disc ‘Days Go By’ out the next day, the Offspring got the party started early performing two songs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Monday evening (June 25).

The Offspring kicked things off with their first single and title track ‘Days Go By.’ The summery anthem sets the tone for the disc, heavy on reflection.

For their second song performance on the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ stage the Offspring dug into their arsenal and pulled out ‘Self-Esteem’ from their 1993 hit album ‘Smash.’

The band recently debuted a new video for their poppy second single ‘Cruising California (Bumpin’ in My Trunk),’ which is getting mixed reviews from fans due to how far removed the sound is from their classic punk style. Check it out here for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

The Offspring will spend the rest of the summer on tour including stops at some of the season’s best festivals from Chicago’s Riot Fest to the Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Watch The Offspring Perform on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

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