It's almost like scientific law. Every NFL team, no matter how glorious the hey-day was, is going to eat #$%* at some point. It's just how long is the #$%*-eating going to last? The Seahawks have had to endure it. So did the Colts of the 80's, pre-1993 Patriots, 1970's/1980's Eagles, and the Browns. My Rams have been suffering since 2008.

flickr, Monica's Dad

As a loyal fan of a down-trodden team, you find happiness in the little things. For instance, when the Rams beat the Cardinals in week 1, I was  elated just to be 1-0. I never expected anything to amazing this year, the NFC West is an exceptionally tough division. I wasn't expecting play-offs, I was just happy to be undefeated for a week. So, with Sam Bradford gone for the season, I'll be happy with the wins (if any) that nobody would expect them to pull out.

I think fans of teams that are good for decades on end start to expect more, and be thankful less. Take for instance, the Philadelphia Eagles during the McNabb era. They couldn't be satisfied with 5 NFC Championship appearances and a Super Bowl. They were terrible for three straight decades before they drafted Donovan McNabb. When did these fans start expecting a Super Bowl? They never took the time to appreciate what they had in McNabb and Andy Reid.

Another thing that bugs me is bandwagon fans. Bandwagon fans never have to suffer, because as soon as their "team" sucks and another team starts getting hype, they continue down the path of sports prosperity. I'm talking about these guys.

Being a fan of a historically bad team, especially one in a tough division, is the ultimate test of what a human spirit can take. As a fan of a terrible team, or a rebuilding team, you really appreciate the smaller things. Enjoy the smaller things, 12th Man. Enjoy the success and hope it lasts a long time. You never know when it may be taken away.

See you Monday night.