Sunday’s season premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead" was probably the best episode of the show EVER. The tension through whole episode was insane from the very beginning. From the execution lineup to the guy wanting to twist the baby’s head off, it was nail biting to say the least!

I loved how they wrapped up some themes and interactions with long-time characters and got them back together. They split the cast up for awhile, and now they’re coming back together, finding each other. I forgot how much I really love this show and how much happier I am looking forward to the next episode.

My all-time favorite scene of Sunday's episode was the escape of Dale and Rick with the return of Carol Peletier. She's easily the most bad-ass woman character.

It seems like this season they have no home. First they had the farmhouse, then Woodbury, then the prison. Now they’re just wandering.

My prediction is this season will be about trying to get a cure and helping the scientist. They'll be headed to Washington D.C. now that the whole corps is back together.