What happened last night is WHY I love the show! Not what happened, but the circumstances. The show is all about, "What do you do in a no-win scenario?"

Sometimes in life things happen and EVERYONE loses. And you have to make a choice.

Before I go on, let's give the SPOILER ALERT for last night's episode. If you plan to watch it later, don't read one!

The two girls, Lizzy and her sister, are both very strange. They're about 7 and 5. I didn't think they'd survive very long anyway.

Last week, one of the sisters almost killed Rick's baby (she was trying to keep it quiet during a zombie attack).

Obviously the writer's put that in as a little foreshadowing for this week. For those of you who don't know, Lizzy has a warped perception about zombies. She thinks they're just people acting different. She thinks they're still people. They still have feelings. And it's OK. People aren't dying, they're just changing and coming back alive.

To prove her point to her sister, she STABS her sister in her sleep, thinking the sister will just come back to life, proving her point.

The two adults, Carol and Tyreese, had to jump in and put a knife in the little sister's forehead before she turned into a zombie. Now they have a dilemma on their hands. What do they do with Lizzy? This little girl has a propensity for killing people without remorse.

Carol takes the girl out back, tells her to look at flowers, then puts a bullet in the back of her head.

What would YOU have done? How would YOU have handled that situation? No matter your answer, I don't feel anybody can judge the characters unless you're in that situation.

It also brings up an interesting dilemma. Can people, can children grow up with morals in that kind of reality? Will they lose the very basics of what it means for us to be human? Would, over time, we become basic animals with no moral guidance?