My first trip to the all new locally owned Mid-Columbia Wine and Spirits in Richland was a interesting one to say the least. Interesting because it reminded me of when I was a child and my parents would give me a dollar and say okay you can have one piece of candy..."What!!!"

I'm a fan of beer and this place has 1500 refrigerated linear feet of cold beer. I'm talking over 1300 different types of delicious brew from all over the world. So now you understand why you can't send me in with a dollar and expect me to just buy one piece of candy. So it's my goal to not only take a trip around the world and enjoy delicious beverages right here in my backyard but I've got 1299 more beers to get to.

My first ale is a porter from Mad River Brewing Co. I really just bought it because of the cool steelhead fish on it and we all know that if a beer has an animal on the label it's got to be damn good!!

I'll let you know how it is later and keep checking back as I travel around the world through beer and take on the 1300 beer challenge!