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Last week we made a post on our Facebook page asking the Extended Family "The Tri-Cities Needs _______." The plan was to do a top 5, but there were 4 "wants" that tied in 4th place, so I changed this to a top 3 instead. The 4 that tied in 4th place were Popeye's Chicken, Chili's, Trader Joe's, and a Strip Club. My personal vote would have been a Buffalo Wild Wing's. Forget Disneyland, THAT is the happiest place on earth.

Now the 4 that tied in 4th...

Chili's - another restaurant that I've always wanted in TC ever since I ate at one years ago. Plus there are a ton of commercials on TV for Chili's, yet we don't have one within 100 miles. That's just cruel.

Popeye's Chicken - On my way back from Portland, I love to stop in Troutdale at Popeye's Chicken. Get some gas in the car, some Bonafide Chicken and some Red Beans and Rice. Sweet.

Trader Joe's - Way too healthy for me. I feel like I'm in another country looking at some of the food in there. You know the saying, "Don't go to the grocery store hungry"? Well, that's one grocery store I could go into starving and leave without a single purchase. I know there is a pretty large demand for a Trader Joe's in the Tri-Cities though, just check out this Facebook page dedicated to a "possible" Tri-Cities Trader Joes.

Strip Club - There are a couple just a quick jaunt across the WA/OR border from the Tri-Cities. Plus, lets be honest, a strip club would get picketed to the point of not staying open. Didn't that already happen about 15 years ago?

Anyways, onto the top 3 "The Tri-Cities Needs ___________"

#3 - Hooters

Hooters girls backstage at the Alexander Wang Fall 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Roseland Ballroom on February 14, 2009 in New York City

Beautiful women serving you beer and wings. Great business plan! I think a Hooters would do well in the Tri-Cities. Problem is, according to, the only state in the US with a franchise opportunity is Alaska. We are surrounded by Hooters though (that sounds awesome). There are 3 in the Seattle area, one in Spokane, and one in Portland. So if you are really craving some Daytona Wings, check the events calendar for an upcoming concert and make a pit stop...ROAD TRIP!

#2 - Theme/Water Park

I lumped these two together as many comments were for both. Plus a lot of theme parks actually have water parks in them. The closest to the Tri-Cities being Silverwood, but thats still 150+ miles away. Too far for a day trip that's for sure. On one hand, the Tri-Cities is definitely spoiled with great water activities in the summer, but a lot of that is limited to having or getting onto a boat. Sure, you can go to Howard Aman Park in Richland, Columbia Park in Kennewick, or Two Rivers Park in Finley and cool off in the summers in the Columbia River, but an actual water park is definitely needed. Especially an indoor one that is open year round. A lazy river in December would be stellar...and who doesn't like a roller coaster?! No friends of mine, thats for sure. I think Six Flags over Tri-Cities has a nice ring to it...

Kids play in the water fall at the Chesapeake Beach Water Park in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

For those of you really wanting a water park, you are in luck. There are two in the works that should be completed in 2012! The first is Shark Reef Waterpark in Kennewick, and the other round water park in the works is Bahama Bay Waterpark in Pasco. You ask and you receive, Tri-Cities!

#1 - Live Music Venue

I like where your heads at with this one. The Tri-Cities is definitely starting to get its name on the map. With successful shows from Disturbed, Sevendust, Slipknot, Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, Avenged Sevenfold, and Stone Sour among others all stopping through in recent years, we're bound to get more shows. Ray's Golden Lion in the Uptown Richland is definitely the top venue of choice for all ages shows in the Tri-Cities, but it can only hold a couple hundred people and definitely gets packed when a well known band stops through. The Rock Reactor in downtown Kennewick is a fairly new venue and hasn't been pushed to capacity too many times...yet. Taproot will pack that place on April 21st (tickets coming soon). Also the Toyota Center and the TRAC are good venues with good acoustics, but we need something in between a 6,500 seat venue and 300 person bar with a stage.

Fans cheer as members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform during a concert at Federation Square on April 11, 2007 in Melbourne, Australia.

I would love to see a Knitting Factory type venue, like some of you said. That is one of my favorite places to see a show. Even Seattle's ShowBox at The Market. Very simple, old warehouse, bar on the side, stage at the back...done deal.

So I'll end the Top 3 of "The Tri Cities Needs _______" with a different question: What are your favorite venues that you think could be replicated in the Tri-Cities? Tell us in the comments below.

Thanks to all our Facebook friends for putting in your 2 cents...we're here for you and want to know what you want!

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