Instead of hiring someone to play Santa Claus at your Christmas party this year, consider hiring this West Richland man I found on Craigslist. Dave Slackman is a 39-year-old grocer who had so much fun playing Gene Simmons on Halloween that he's offering his services as a party entertainer.

His current costume was developed over a couple of years and cost him about $500. The makeup comes from Party Palace off Edison Street in Kennewick and takes his wife about two hours to apply.

His own hair is short and thinning so he dons a wig to play the KISS rock legend. He's normally 5 feet 8 inches but stands 6 six feet two inches in his $200 boots. The costume was inspired by Simmons' "Live Nation" and "Love Gun" performances.

Last October, so many people asked for his picture he set up a profile on Craigslist the following week. No one has called for him yet, so he's offering the reasonable price of $50 an hour.

Don't ask him to sing -- he won't mind, but he believes your guests might. "Usually people are just so enamored by the way I look no one ever asks me to sing," he said.


Dave Slackman