The professional wrestling world continues to turn following WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey. The 'Raw' crowd on Monday Night kicked off the new wrestling season with a bang, and I just hope WWE can carry that momentum into the next couple of events.

The WWE breaking news on Twitter train keeps on rolling, as Triple H revealed he was injured during his entrance at WrestleMania. It's the first dry ice injury I've ever heard of in professional wrestling. That makes at least three part-timers injured at WrestleMania 29 (The Rock, Lesnar and Triple H). Don't worry, though -- Triple H's money-making nose was not harmed in the ordeal.

Here's other random news to feed that wrestling fix until you can watch WWE main event later tonight...

  • In "that's not really a big shock" news, Steve "Mongo" McMichael has failed to become an Mayoral candidate for a town in Illinois. If you have ever heard the man do commentary on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro, you know this failure means we're missing out on comedy gold. You'd think hanging out with Ric Flair as a member of The Four Horsemen would have rubbed off on "Mongo", but dude still can't even get over in his hometown. WOOOOOOOO!
  • It turns out, John Cena is the Big E Langston to Kanye West's Dolph Ziggler, as John Cena is ready to go to bat for Kanye's girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. R&B singer, Ray J, has come out with a song about being the first famous person to bed Kim Kardashian, which 'Captain America' John Cena isn't prepared to stand for. Only thing is, who's Ray J, and who did he ever beat?
  • The WWE Games series has officially become a 2K franchise. There's been rumors for weeks, but it's now a certainty, look forward to WWE 2K14 this fall. The news that The Rock will be the cover athlete for the game has also been confirmed, so you can not book him every other Raw, too.
  • WWE's newest sensation, Fandango, is becoming a pop music icon in the UK. He's climbing the top singles charts, and is at number 16 for the week. Shout-out to Jim Johnston, who has composed this and hundreds of other songs for WWE. Now, if they'd only release a live version performed by the IZOD Center from this past week's Monday Night Raw.
  • Rebecca Knox is the newest UK product to be shipped over to the WWE. She's wrestled around the entire planet, and now she's following in fellow Irish WWE Superstar Sheamus' footsteps. Knox has been featured in the top American women's promotion, SHIMMER, so she's no noob to being stateside. Let's just hope WWE can come up with something for her that doesn't feature the words "great white", or are they still selling that shirt?

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