UFO sightings have become a normal thing around the world, but for years the most reported UFO sightings have been in none other than Washington state. With over 4,351 Ufo sightings reported in Washington, it seems we've become adjusted to encounters with the 3rd kind.

An incident in 1947 came from Harold Dahl who claimed circular objects in the sky had dropped debris on his son and dog, killing his pet and injuring his son. Photos were taken of men in all black taking the man's story which would become the influence for the movie Men in Black.

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Now in 2022 more and more UFO sightings have been caught and reported to Washington state officials. Most of them come from Yakima Washington and the Yakima reservation. Plenty of these sightings has been written off or assumed to be a phenomenon of locals thinking they've seen alien life.

However, people are now explaining why there are so many sightings in Yakima in this viral video from Tiktok showing why these sightings may be legit and the reasoning as to why so many people claim to see them. The video itself has caused plenty of Yakimites to take to the internet and share their experience of UFOs whether they happened recently or in the past fifty years, some stories are shocking. The woman in the video claims she's seen over 100 different lights in the sky and why she's reported them, you may think she's crazy, but she actually carried a very important title in the Yakima Valley

Watch the video below and decide for yourself if these claims are legit or all made up.

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