The USDA has found through an undercover investigation that Seattle restaurants have been allegedly buying unlicensed meat processed in a filthy backwoods slaughterhouse located near Edgewood. News reports say that restaurants in the Central District and Columbia City neighborhood have been identified as customers of the slaughterhouse according to investigators.

After getting a tip, an undercover agent witnessed animals being slaughtered on filthy flours covered in blood and feces with dull knives. The killings were brutal and break many regulations with the USDA and the way meat should be processed. Then the meat was loaded onto non-refrigerated passenger cars and delivered to Seattle restaurants in boxes. The farm sells lamb, mutton,goat, and pork.

Federal regulations say that animals killed for meat must be killed quickly and in the most humane way possible. They must kill animals with a single blow, gunshot, shock, or chemical that kills quickly with limited pain. Investigators have not seized any meat or animals on the farm and charges are pending.