The Power & Grace Calendar is the official fundraiser of the US National Women’s Rowing Team.  All of the calendar proceeds will go to the US National Women’s Rowing Team to help cover daily training expenses. The entire team, and their calendar, is our ‘crush’ today.

According to their website, training for the women’s rowing team is a full-time gig that involves “45+ hours per week of dedication” and the women “train thrice daily by rowing, erging, running, biking, yoga and weight lifting.” We looked up thrice (it sounded made up) and that means three! Three times a day they train. The only thing we do thrice a day is visit the men’s room just to go #2. If we counted number #1 visits, it would involve a different made up word, kind of like thrice.

The women spend their lives getting their bodies in peak condition and this calendar is printed proof it’s going very well. We suggest buying a calendar and hanging it up as motivation. Put it somewhere where you’ll see it often during the day. Our copy is hanging in the second stall in the men’s room. We’ve also installed a mini-fridge in there.