It took two Pasco police officers to subdue a “vicious” dog that was found on the porch of a home on Riverview Drive.

Actually, it was a black pit bull puppy that was taken in by animal control, but the Pasco police had fun with telling the tall tale of the young dog’s rescue.

“After receiving the call of a vicious land shark canine imprisoning a family in their Riverview Drive home, Beast Master Officer Michel arrived on scene to tame the wild animal,” wrote Pasco police.

“The beast was perched upon the doorstep, growling viciously at the helpless family every time they attempted to open the front door … Officer Michel valiantly reached out to the pup, almost losing his hand in the process.”

The officers made a leash and took the dog to the shelter.

Pasco police
Pasco police

“Upon being turned over to animal control, the pooch ceased her violent behavior and promptly turned over onto her back, demanding belly rubs.”

Pasco police are asking for anyone who is missing their puppy to rescue her at the shelter or maybe someone needing a new dog might consider adopting her.


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