There were probably hundreds of trees torn over by the massive windstorms that hit the Columbia Basin, and much of Southeastern WA and Northeastern OR Sunday.

According to various weather reporting agencies, the maximum gusts recorded ranged from 53 to 68 miles per hour. The 68 was from Hermiston, Pasco hit 61. The wind ranged from Yakima, to Walla Walla; from Ritzville to Baker City Oregon.

But the sustained winds of 30-45MPH, coupled with these gusts, were what weakened many of these trees. Despite their sturdy appearance, some of them didn't have that great a root structure and when they fell, it was revealed.

Many of them were pine trees, like the one in this video. Willow and some other trees fared a bit better. Willows tend to flow with the wind, and are more flexible, allowing some of the wind pressure and energy to be dissipated. Besides trees, we saw a lot of roof shingles, tiles, trampolines, and even entire storage sheds torn off their foundations.

This particular tree in the video went down along Metaline Ave. between Edison and Kellogg Streets in Kennewick, and it was a mature tree.. Thanks to Dan Nelson and Holli Ruff for allowing us to use it. It obviously took out either some wires or a ground electrical box, because you can hear "there goes the intenet" or something very close to it in the video.

The cleanup continues all over the region from the strongest winds we've seen in probably several years.

To see the video click on the button below.


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