The Vietnam War was the worst of the worst. All wars suck, but that war had to be the worst for our troops and for the United States of America! As a nation, we did not stand behind them. When our own American troops came home they were not welcomed at all. They were treated very poorly. Every year that the "Welcome Home" ceremony happens I go. Not only to prove that I am a true patriot, but to let them know that I care. I wasn't even born when the war was happening. The Vietnam War went from 1957 until 1975. You can read more about the Vietnam War from the History Channel page if you do not know too much about it.

I went to Yakima's annual welcome-home ceremony at Sarg Hubbard Park on Saturday. It was amazing, but I was disappointed by how few people were there. I was also disappointed that so few people stood up when our nation's flag entered the premises. I would ground my kids if they did not stand for the American flag!

Welcome, home troops! Check out the video from the ceremony and remember it is every single year. Make it a point to go, pay your respects and take your kids. They may love you even more when you do.


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