Did you ever wish you lived in a tree house when you were a kid? I know I did!

When I was growing up, we used to build tree houses out of spare plywood, rope, nails, or anything that was lying around. Most of the tree houses I have seen personally were not the safest, if you know what I mean. No rails for safety, nails poking out, and most didn't even have great walls or a ceiling.

If you ever dreamed of staying or living in a tree house but require something a little safer then my childhood project, a secret village nestled in a quiet Washington forest is just the thing for you. This magical place is called TreeHouse Point and is located about a 30 minute drive from Seattle.

Located right near a large river around Fall City Washington, this retreat destination might be right what your family or next event needs! TreeHouse Point not only offers 6 different tree houses that you can stay at, but tons of activities that you can experience in the area. They have guided tree house tours plus they can host weddings, large events, or just a weekend stay for the family.

On their website they offer things " From engagements to weddings, anniversaries to renewing vows, TreeHouse Point is a romantic spot for your celebration! Choose a spot on the river, reserve the Pond Room, or stay the night for your special event. Whether your goal is a quiet getaway for two or a life celebration with friends and family, the TreeHouse Point Staff welcomes you!"

I definitely want to bring my family there for a magical weekend I know they will never forget. If you want to visit for an overnight stay you better book fast because availability is getting scarce. Click here to check current open cabin dates. Good luck!

A Week's Stay at California's Invisible House Will Cost You $30K

Invisible House in Joshua Tree, California is a 5,500 square foot "horizontal skyscraper" with a 100-foot indoor swimming pool, three king-sized beds, and LED lighting you can change the colors of. Should you ever get bored in your glass skyscraper, the 87" TV features not just Netflix and Amazon, but a library of Blu-Ray DVDs, as well. If you're worried about waking up too early as the sun rises, the bedrooms feature blackout shades that are remote-controlled. Invisible House has three massive and luxurious suites and sits brilliantly on its own mountain.

Gorgeous House in the Kennewick Countryside Has 9 Bedrooms and 7 Bathrooms

Scared of the idea of moving your parents in with you? Fear no more! This house in Kennewick has more than 9,000 square feet with 9 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. On top of that, it has THREE KITCHENS. I know you want to look inside, so let's go.


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