The county of Walla Walla commissioners voted 2-1 to ban all forms of marijuana production and sale in the state including medical marijuana sales that was previously allowed according to news reports. After hearing one person testify for the ban and seven testify against the ban, the commissioners Perry Dozier and Jim Johnson voted for the ban and Jim Duncan cast the single vote against. This ban does not affect any medical marijuana patients from growing there own according to State law.

Duncan, the chief supporter of the ban, says that even he has seen a drastic drop in opposition to marijuana since the city made it legal against the county ban two years ago. He says "The large number of people that were against it have become silent. I haven’t heard anything in the last two years once the city allowed retail sales ... so I look at what we’re doing and it just doesn’t work for me." Even with the lack of opposition and the amount of money wasted fighting in courts with growers who were given a licence by the state, Duncan still voted for the ban.

This ban does not affect the two recreational stores that are legal and open inside Walla Walla city limits.