Is this a prank or is the most famous Christmas town in Washington State only ranked 30th in the USA for Christmas spirit?

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Washington's Most Famous Christmas Town Snubbed

This year, America’s Favorite ‘Christmassy’ Towns was crowned by Mixbook for 2023 and one famous Washington State town is barely in the top 30. To make this year's list, they surveyed 3,000 families and asked them multiple questions about which popular holiday destinations they preferred to visit. Many places on the list belong, but I just can't see the only town in Washington that is known for the Christmas season being ranked 30th in the USA. I don't even live there myself but have visited multiple times during the Christmas season. You can't tell me that Florida, Alabama, Arizona, and California, all have towns with more Christmas spirit than Leavenworth.


Leavenworth, Washington: Only Ranked 30th Favorite Christmassy Town

The town ranked #29 right before Leavenworth is Clearwater, Florida. "Clearwater is a city in Florida's Tampa Bay area known for sunny weather and gulf coast beaches," says Wikipedia. It doesn't say Clearwater is known for Christmas, it says sun and Gulf Coast beaches. Now look at the post below recently made by the city of Leavenworth after getting new snow downtown. You tell me if they are even in the same ballpark when it comes to Christmas!

I am sure Clearwater, Florida is nice but there is no way it is better than Leavenworth when it comes to Christmas. The same goes for most of the towns on the list before it. Leavenworth is also known as "Christmastown", has a Nutcracker museum, and celebrates Christmas every day from Thanksgiving into February. The town is also celebrating its first year with Washington's only alpine rollercoaster that is even open in the winter. I thought deserved a few more spots up the list at least but I guess not. Maybe the people at Mixbook just have no idea how "Christmassy" Leavenworth is, even though they are nearby with headquarters in California. Maybe that is why there are 2 California towns listed above Leavenworth...hmmm. I will agree that the top 5 on the list seem decent and as a Christmas fan will have to travel to see them for myself someday. I put the Top 5 below as well as a link to the entire list.

Top 5 Favorite Christmassy Towns in the USA

See the entire Favorite Christmassy for 2023 list at

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