The Washington Football Team that people overwhelmingly root for around here is based in Seattle, not D.C., but then again it's not everyday you get to re-brand a franchise that has been around since 1932, so there's interest around the country.

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What gets me is the amount of names that are up for debate. According to season ticket holders and beat writers tasked with covering all things WFT (Washington Football Team), surveys have been sent out asking fans to weigh-in on a potential pick. Some reports indicate fans are actually getting different lists of choices. The season ticket holders are being asked to flag their TWO favorite potential team names, while maintaining this may not be the entire list and that this process is still in its early stages.

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Here's what's been discovered and/or disclosed, in no particular order:

  1. The Washington Aces
  2. The First City Football Club (FCFC)
  3. The Washington Archers
  4. The Washington Beacons
  5. The Washington Belters
  6. The Washington Redtails
  7. The Washington Razorbacks
  8. The Washington Defenders
  9. The Washington Football Team
  10. The Washington Griffins
  11. The Washington Warriors
  12. The Washington Armada
  13. The Washington Rising
  14. The Washington Swifts
  15. The Washington Commanders
  16. The Washington Pilots
  17. The Washington Rubies
  18. The Washington Renegades
  19. The Washington D.C. Football Club (DCFC)
  20. The Washington Monarchs
  21. The Washington Presidents
  22. The Washington Wild Hogs
  23. The Washington Riders
  24. The Washington Capital City Football Club (CCFC)
  25. The Washington Redwolves
  26. The Washington Aviators
  27. The Washington Wayfarers
  28. The Washington Ambassadors
  29. The Washington 32 FC (W32)
  30. The Washington Guardians
  31. The Washington Brigade
  32. The Washington Demon Cats
  33. The Washington Royals
  34. The Washington Majors
  35. The Washington Icons
  36. The Washington Anchors
Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Anything they missed? At this point it's still wide open, so if you have a lightbulb moment, might as well take your shot if you have an idea.

I'd venture to say around two-thirds of the names have no chance: Wayfarers, Presidents, Icons, Majors, Royals, Monarchs, Swifts (Taylor?), Beacons, Pilots, Archers...please, no, I'm not sure what Rubies is even supposed to be, jewels?

Red Wolves and Redtails are strong contenders, and the more I think about it, Belters has some spunk and creative possibilities. Bottom line, at this point, I'd vote to leave it alone, keep calling the club - Washington Football Team - it's simple and rock solid.

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