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A Hermiston ambulance called Oregon State Troopers after a Dodge Charger passed on Highway 84 and flipped them off... but it gets way worse than that.

The ambulance was passing a semi truck at the time! Which means the Dodge Charger passed the ambulance in the shoulder of the road!!!

Troopers didn't have any trouble finding the vehicle, because just ahead a few miles the 42-year-old Vancouver man was sitting on the side of the road.

He'd run out of gas!

Then he failed the sobriety test with a blood-alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit!

He told troopers he was in a hurry to get to Pendleton for "female companionship." The East Oregonian newspaper interpreted that as a "date," but any older gentleman who've used inexpensive dating services in the Mid Columbia can tell you that many young women online offer "female companionship" just outside of Pendleton... *wink-wink.

[SOURCE: East Oregonian]