Based on 2014 statistics, Washington is now 13th healthiest state. That's up from the year before, but down from its best year in 2011 when it was 9th.

Washington scores GREAT in relation to rest of nation on

  • infant birthweight
  • Occupational fatalities
  • physical activity

It does pretty good on

  • teeth extractions
  • preventable hospitalizations
  • number of people smoking
  • vegetable intake
  • preterm births and infant mortality
  • heart attacks
  • dental health

Washington is average at

  • immunizations
  • violent crime
  • drinking problems
  • unemployment
  • mental health treatment
  • suicide

And Washington is doing HORRIBLE at

  • drug deaths
  • infectious diseases
  • spread of whooping cough
  • disparity in health based on education level

The number of smokers has gone down 8 percent in two years and high school graduation is up 7 percent in last two years.