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The Fastest Way to Cut & Cube a Watermelon...Period

After writing a story yesterday about the best watermelons that you can buy in the Tri-Cities area, I got another idea you might like. About 8 years ago I saw this guy cut & cube a watermelon super fast and had to try it. I was looking for a good story idea and thought filming myself trying it for the first time would be a good idea. Strangely enough, the video went kind of viral with over 575,000 views and I think it is because the technique is so quick and simple. Since then when I have to cut a watermelon, I always use this same technique and people ask where I learned it. If you haven't watched the video, now I can teach it to you.

Quickest 5 Steps to Cut & Cube a Watermelon

If you are still confused, you can watch the original video I recorded over 8 years ago below.

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