Washington State Patrol Trooper Thorson has some good tips to help you stay safe on the roads as the weather is changing.

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Washington Fall Weather Driving Tips

The Washington State Patrol wants to remind drivers of some important tips to help keep you safe as the weather and road conditions change. Trooper Chris Thorson says that when rain started falling this morning, he started experiencing drivers having issues with wet pavement and traction. The Trooper warns drivers all over Washington State are dealing with wet roads, and that is causing fender benders and accidents. In a video posted on his X account, he explains how rear-wheel cars especially ones with more horsepower can lose grip easily causing the back end to swing out and cause an accident.

He says "If you have a rear-wheel drive only type of sports car that has a lot of horsepower in it, if you're merging onto the highway and you gas it, a lot of times that back end will break free. That's what happened in this scenario and he hit the guard rail." Also remember that is not just hitting the gas that can get you in trouble, but also not giving the adequate space and time to stop. Drivers need to start getting acclimated to the difficult road conditions because winter will be here before you know it.

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