If you could change anything you wanted in Washington State over the next 5 years, what would it be?

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Washington Residents Voice What They What Changed Within 5 Years

Even though it may seem like it sometimes, no single person (not even the Governor) is a king in Washington State. Creating or changing state laws takes lots of time, compromise, and ideas from many different kinds of people. I was thinking about that after seeing an interesting question asked on Reddit saying, "What are some WA issues you would like to see fixed within the next 5 years?" Let's just say that the conversation took off with multiple different concerns raised, some of which I honestly hadn't thought about in a while. After reading through the entire large list of comments, I gathered ideas from the 14 issues that were most mentioned in no particular order. and listed them below. I found it enlightening that the range of issues brought up in this conversation was so broad and varied.


These 14 Issues Washington State Residents Want Changed

#1 - "Governor term limits like Oregon"

#2 - "The white lines on roads and highways. Rain makes those disappear right now - and we get rain a lot. It's a safety issue."

#3 - "Dots on I5 so we can see at night and in the rain, Reflective paint on the lane dividers on I5, Streetlights that actually function on I5."

#4 - "Housing affordability. My wife and I work our asses off but can barely afford to house our family."

#5 - "We need affordable housing and more connected neighborhoods."

#6 - "Public transportation needs to be significantly better."

#7 - "Fix the purple street lights along 167/405 interchanges."

#8 - "Make it illegal for people to camp outside a designated campsite"

#9 - "Lack of mental healthcare"

#10 - "Banning non-compete contracts outright."

#11 - "Mental health reform - (reopening state inpatient facilities, solving licensing bottlenecks, limiting the scope of practice of lower trained practitioners, expanding the scope of practice of psychologists to include prescribing)"

#12 - "Homelessness"

#13 - "Serious restrictions on foreign corporations/entities buying residential properties."

#14 - "I would like to see all the cloth seats come out of public transport."

You can read the entire conversation of ideas by clicking here.

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