Success isn't something that happens overnight, and we don't all agree on the definition of success. I am sure each person has their own view, but here some steps some highly successful Yakima Valley and Tri-Cities people follow.

You might be very successful at being a parent. Maybe you are a lawyer with great success. Maybe you are a mom and a DJ like me. No matter what you do, you could be successful.

Here are some of the things highly successful people do every single day:

1.  Always Have A Plan Of Attack

Some people are list people, but you may be hindering what you could do to make yourself successful. Those people understand that the key to getting more done is mapping out the day and getting organized with a list of things to do. It really does keep them on track. But if you spend half of your day putting together a list, then you might have defeated the purpose. Do not get sidetracked.

2.  Wake Up With The Chickens

Most people who are highly successful do not hit the snooze button. When they get up, they probably have already made that list -- they just get going on it. Get started early and that list of yours will be completed early.

3.  Get Yourself Moving

Countless amounts of research show people who exercise for two or three hours a week keep their motivation high and decrease their chances of getting sick. It also helps you set your goals much faster. Exercise increases the endorphin flow. Endorphins are in us and once you release them you are moving and happy in no time.

4.  Prioritize Your Workload

Refer back to Item No. 1 -- about making lists. Prioritize your tasks by order of importance. As you check them off and move your stuff up the list, you have just prioritized your workload.

5.  Always Have A Labor Of Love

No matter what you do, throwing yourself into work 24/7 will make all of the above null and void. You will lose sight of everything and get worn out. Pick up something extra to do. Some sort of side project or hobby like landscaping, knitting -- maybe even writing a book. This will help take away any work-related stress and enhance your creativity.

These are all things that I try to practice every single day of my life. I get a lot done and my kids will hopefully follow the way I do things so they will also be successful. So far, so good.

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