The Benton Franklin Health District Tuesday released some new information, breakdowns of COVID-19 cases (confirmed and probable) for each of the Tri-Cities as well as surrounding areas.

Obviously the highest concentrations are in Richland, Pasco and Kennewick, with numbers falling off significantly to smaller communities. Also a factor is the number of high risk individuals in each city, such as those living in nursing or assisted care facilities etc. As of Tuesday 870 total cases in Benton-Franklin County.

Here's the breakdowns:

  • Pasco  341 cases
  • Kennewick  303
  • Richland  128
  • West Richland  33
  • Prosser  28
  • Rural Franklin County 16
  • Benton City  13
  • Rural Benton County 4

Also updated, the number of hospitalized patients between Kadlec, Trios, Lourdes and Prosser Memorial hospitals, and how many of them have COVID, or show what is called CLI, or Covid Like Symptoms. Tuesday 4-28, there were 283 people in these facilities, 34 of of them, or 12 Percent were confirmed with COVID or CLI.

To see this data for yourself, click on the button below.

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