To get to the Best Hard Rock Act in the Grammys, I have to fast forward. This is why I record them, so I don't have to hear all of the other bull crap. Sometimes I will stop and listen to something along the way but it is very rare.

LL Cool J is going to be hosting this year and I admit that the rapper and actor is pretty cool. So I might stop at him for a moment. But Hard Rock is what I want to see. Here is the question: Are any Hard Rock acts even going to be there?
And that answer would be no. The bands that are nominated are good but not at all hard rock.

I could cry about it all day, but who is nominated is who is nominated. It's that simple.

Beck, Ryan Adams, Jack White and the Black Keys.
Take the poll and you tell me which of those acts should win. I have left open a slot for you to tell me, if not those, who really should win.
Grammys are on tonight (Feb. 8) at 7 on CBS.