That's one lucky bulldog.

Mack the bullie gets to watch the hush puppies of one well-endowed girl in a commercial for Mack Boots. She's jumping up and down and her lady lumps are jiggling, baby. Who is this bouncy beauty teasing a hapless canine?

Her name is Renee Somerfield and she is from Sydney, Australia. Her bio claims she loves expressing herself through modeling. Blah blah blah. She is most expressive when jumping up and down in her Mack Boots.

Additionally, she has appeared in Smiths Chops ads and is a favorite in the Asian market, having been featured in fashion and bridal campaigns.

However, one thing we know is that the love of a good boob crosses species and cultural lines. If more people get a gander at this commercial, Somerfield will be a global fave, among people and pooches.