Okay, for the record, I think the actual boat races (being there, or watching on TV) is incredible. High-octane, adrenaline rushing, good old-fashioned drinking fun. But, sometimes I pay dearly for it. 

I live close to the river. As in, I needed a parking pass to get in and out of my property without hassle. That's fine. Inconvienent, but fine.

My assh**e neighbor (around the corner from me) every boat race weekend, likes to throw these big-ass friggin' parties in his garage. Drunks, cars, and screaming children colliding throughout my street. A warzone at 11 P.M. What's my problem? Because his guest-list is so distinguished, (so many bro-douches and lowly-standarded women) cars were backed up two streets. The kicker? Some numb-ass took my parking spot by my house. I can't even park at my house on boat race weekend.

I totally understand getting drunk at the races, that's what it's for (enthusiasts, sue me), but the after-parties are ridiculous.

I think Seth Rogen made a movie about my neighbor. (NSFW language.)

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