I am usually the first person to be critical of police. But I also try not to rush to judgement and look with a critical eye. Many are upset about Pasco police shooting and killing a man throwing rocks on 10th and Lewis St. in Pasco Feb. 10. I think there are a few misconceptions about how police do their job.

  1. Police never shoot anyone to maim them or get them on the ground. If a police officer is firing his weapon it is to kill. No police officer is taught to shoot in the leg because that person is still a danger and can attack even when shot in the leg.
  2. If a police officer has his weapon drawn on you, he has already decided you are a threat to his life or the people around you. If you make any threatening moves either away or towards he will shoot, and shoot to kill. Your only option is to get on the ground and do what they say.

Was he a threat to the people around him and did he attack a police officer when guns were drawn on him? Did the police officers try to subdue him with tasers with no avail? After the first shots were fired did he get on the ground or did he run away and then turn towards the officers in a threatening way? The answers to all are yes.

If you still think the situation was handled wrong, complain about how police are trained to handle these situations, not the officers. Protesting seems insane when police are doing their jobs the way they are trained and supported by law.

Warning: video is graphic and NSFW