This video made my day:

The City of Walla Walla Government.


Fresh and original.

Excellent work.

To prevent frozen water pipes this winter, follow these simple tips:

1. Locate your water shut-off
2. Open cupboard doors beneath sinks to keep pipes warm
3. Leave a small drip of water running from faucets to keep water circulating
4. Unscrew garden hoses
5. Insulate outdoor spigots
6. If Christmas gifts are shipped with styrofoam peanuts, use them as insulation for your water meter box
7. Keep your water meter box tightly closed
8. Blow out your irrigation system
9. If you have an unoccupied rental, shut off the main and drain water from the pipes

Thank you to the Water Division, Wil, McKinley, Rodney, and Marcus for lending their talents.

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