Following the announcement that  Gov. Inslee "approved" new changes to events, especially outdoors, we see there's really not a huge difference.

As part of the Phase 3, and moving towards what is being called the complete "re-opening" of WA state June 30-July 1st, new guidelines were announced.

What the state calls "spectator events" can now increase to 50% of their venue capacity, but the overall limits are still stuck on 9,000 persons. This is why the Tri City Water Follies will be selling 18,000 tickets for the upcoming boat races, 9,000 each shoreline. We still don't know why they're stuck on 9,000.

Some other notes as well, the maximum 'group' of tickets that can be purchased for one person or group is 15, no social distancing expected within a group.

These new guidelines also require social distancing between these groups, so basically, you will have 'dots' of people (up to 15) at various events.

One other change, which we found interesting. The requirement for separate vaccinated/non-vaccinated entrances and exits at these events "is removed" according to Inslee's information released late Wednesday.

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IF you have been following what he refers to has his "perks program" (special access to events for vaccinated persons, encouraging businesses to give 'prizes' to vaccinated persons etc) there's been growing discussion and claims it's discriminatory.

We've previously reported numerous examples of how separating vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons creates discriminatory environments.

It's interesting that the state has now dropped the separate entry-exit requirements. Perhaps realizing legally they might be going into Pandora's Box? We shall see.


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