Chicago plays Dallas on Dec. 9 and you have a chance to win $900! It's called the Free Board. Here's how it works: 

Starting at 5:30 p.m. (kickoff) anyone 18 and over can walk in can put their name on the board. It's a regular board with 100 squares. It doesn't matter where you put your name because we're going to randomly label the columns and rows from 0-9.

For someone to win the money, the final scores must beat the Las Vegas line by 2 points (the total points scored by both teams during the game the Vegas bookies have people bet against).

If the combined scores beat the line by two points, the board is enabled! Then we take the last number in the score of both teams and one number is the chosen row, the other number is the chosen column, and that's how we select the winning square. BUT THE PERSON MUST BE PRESENT AFTER THE GAME TO GET THE CASH!

For five games the final score failed to beat the line, and some of the winners weren't present, so the pot of money is up to $900! If no one wills Monday, it will roll over and be up to $1,000 for the Dec. 16 game.