A fashion show in Charlotte North Carolina early Monday morning ended in a less than fabulous way. Police are investigating a fight that broke out in Charlotte's Historic Arts District. The "NC Awards Ball Aftermath" ended with a number of people throwing chairs and one woman going beast mode by throwing an entire table!

Word is that the event was going as planned until one contestant didn't agree with a judge's decision. The contestant hurled a chair and all hell broke lose.

As you will see in the YouTube video below, there isn't much room to get away from the chaos as chairs are flying from all directions. One women decides to escalate things and picks up and entire table, hurling it at a group on the other side of the room. A barrage of chairs come flying in her direction, but she defends herself like a pro, blocking one and catching another all while holding her purse in one hand.

Police are using the uploaded video as evidence in their investigation. Unsurprisingly, no report was filed or charges made because no one on scene would cooperate with them. Snitches get stitches...or something stupid like that.

Instead of hitting rewind over and over, here is a gif showing off the greatest moment of the mayhem! This chick should be at the NFL combine right now. Manti Te'o would really be screwed then.

Beast Mode

[Via WBTV]

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