So then there's the time a Yakima blogger who works for the failing newspaper industry thought he knew rock and roll. Uh, no.

The whole thing is here, but this gem italicized raised my one, long, neanderthal unibrow:

Just because they’re not as popular as Banda MS (a mention to whatever band in his previous bullet point) doesn’t mean Shinedown isn’t big. They’re big. They’ve sold more than 10 million albums and had 11 No. 1 hits on Billboard’s mainstream rock chart (though the highest they’ve gotten on the Hot 100 chart is No. 7 in 2009). So they’re big. Fine. They’re also terrible. They exist so fans of Creed and Nickleback can say, “See, Creed and Nickleback aren’t so bad.” They exist so the guys who get in fights at NFL tailgates can have something to listen to on the drive home after getting bailed out. They exist because there needed to be a musical equivalent to doing Fireball shots all night and then vomiting on your Tapout shirt.

What a dick.

I guess you're trying to be funny? Who do you think you're appealing to online?

Even in the acoustically inferior Sundome, the throngs of thousands who thoroughly rocked out to three seriously sweet bands would like to call bullsh!t on your analysis and misinformed malarkey.

Your last name rhymes with manure.



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