We get it. Being stuck at home can get awfully old after a while.

If you're unable to work and you're feeling stressed about it, shirk some responsibilities and cheer yourself up. It's your responsibility to be good to yourself, after all. Deep-thinking character studies, dramas, and thrillers are good and all. But what if you just want something light or mindless to laugh at?

Since its extremely healthy to laugh, and we're supposed to "Stay Home, Stay Healthy," I've compiled some of the best comedies streaming services have to offer.

Since I don't want anyone feeling bad because I left out their favorite show or some obvious choices, I'll knock out some honorable mentions first.

Honorable Mentions:
Seinfeld (Hulu)
Frasier (Netflix)
Cheers (Netflix)
Futurama (Hulu)
The Simpsons (Disney+)
Trailer Park Boys (Netflix)

Now that everyone's happy (hopefully), let's dive in!

12 Comedies Now Streaming to Cheer You Up While You're Stuck at Home

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