At least two of the three teens who kidnapped 86-year-old Hazel Abel will be tried as adults and even as each new report sheds light on the details and motivations, there are still 6 things I just can't wrap my head around:

  • 1

    One of the kidnappers was a 14-year-old girl

    The mastermind of the crime was a 15-year-old boy, and he convinced his 16-year-old friend and that friend's 14-year-old girlfriend to help.

  • 2

    The teens intended to kill the great-grandma all along

    One of the reasons the two boys will be tried as adults is it was totally planned out and not impulsive at all. They wanted to run away, needed a car, and planned to kill the great-grandma to get the car without it being reported stolen.

  • 3

    Hazel Abel saved herself

    I would have been so scared! She kept her wits about her, stayed calm, and began exploring the trunk until she found a lever (installed by car companies for exactly this purpose) that released the lock and let her out!

  • 4

    Hazel Abel says she forgives him

    During an interview with a local television station she was asked what she'd say to her great-grandson if he was standing in front of her. She says she'd put her arms around him and cry together.

  • 6

    They were going to leave her in a canyon

    They discussed ways of killing her and were leaning towards dropping her off in an isolated canyon to die of exposure.

  • 7

    They threw dirt in her face

    Before banging on her door in the middle of the night the teens unscrewed her porch light. When she came to the door they threw dirt in her face, then gagged and restrained her.