My coworker was talking about how a new KNDU reporter looks like "Frozen" singer Idina Menzel, and I said, "What about Terry Chick and Chick Hicks?" And I've always thought Hope Solo looked like Nala in "Lion King." So here for you is our office's picks for Best Tri-Cities Celebrity Look Alikes!

Terry Chick + Chick Hicks

Courtesy of KNDU + Pixar

Hope Solo + Nala

Courtesy Mitchell Leff, Getty Images + Disney

Dusty the Dust Devil + Dolph Lundgren

Courtesy of Tri-Cities Dust Devils + Kevin Winters, Getty Images

Dust Devil 2nd Baseman Russell Wilson + Lilo

Courtesy of Christian Petersen, Getty Images + Disney

Kennewick Man + Skeletor

Courtesy of John Moore, Getty Images and Filmation

Meredith Boggs Jones + Kristen Bell

Courtesy of KNDU and Kevin Winters, Getty Images

Morgan Ashley + Idina Menzel

Courtesy of KNDU and Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images