When you think of the natural qualities of Tri-Cities, what are the first things coming to your mind? Dust devils? Traveling tumbleweeds? Whitecaps on the Columbia River? What do these things all have in common? It's the wind, of course!

That wind was crazy last night and it will be quite breezy all day. All I hear is folks gripe about the Tri-Cities wind when actually there are several reasons to love it:

1. The mighty stars and stripes atop the Blue Bridge wave proudly in the wind.

2. That trampoline was old and needed to be replaced anyway. Now it's someone else's problem!

3. Messy hair, don't care. Don't you know everyone has it today?

4. Now you don't have to buy an extra garbage can or large flower pot or outdoor seat cushions. They're all waiting for you in your yard (over in the corner by the fence gate). *

5. When your cigarette ashes blow right back at you from the car window, it's a good reminder that you need to quit.

6. Wind turbines are a cost-effective energy source.

7. Late on raking fall leaves? No bagging today, just rake them into the street.

* Only helpful if you put away your garbage can, flower pots, and outdoor seat cushions. Otherwise, it's a push.

BONUS: We also get a lot of viral videos circulating out of the Tri-Cities, whether it's airborne trampolines or tumbleweed tornadoes.

See, putting two hands on the steering wheel when you're driving down I-82 is a minor inconvenience that is totally worth the benefits that wind can bring.

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