For the first time in 54 years, the American flag is flying over Cuba. Officials at the recently reopened American Embassy in Havana raised it Friday.

So now that we're restoring normal relations with them, Cuba is kind of our friends again, I guess. Who knows? Maybe they'll want to be a state next.

The cool thing about Cuba is that they have tons of classic American cars that they've had to keep running since we cut diplomatic ties with them when President John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro faced off during the Cold War. Those old cars are awesome -- many of them have been re-engineered with Russian-made parts.

My question is, with trade reopening between us and Cuba, won't they all want Harley-Davidsons like us?

When Cubans are riding Harleys and driving new American cars, THEN they'll have a badass country! HA!

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