I love to experiment with everything. Mostly different kinds of food and alcohol. Some twenty years ago I used to bar-tend at a 'Biker Exotic Dancer' bar and the guys were always asking me "West, make something up." So I did. Each drink recipe you will see has two different names. One for the biker and one for my angler friends. But if you do both like I do, then you will just pick one of the names whenever you feel like it and the 'happier' you get while trying my specialties, name it yourself. Just make sure you let me know so I can add it to my list.

All of the drinks aside from the fruit or veggies you put on them, can be made way ahead of time and put in a giant cooler, providing you make the drink big enough or in a bode bag for fishing. Do not drink and ride! Use the bag after you stop! [just some advice]

My first drink invention got me a little discombobulated the first time I tried this so be careful. The other 3 are tame enough but that is depending on you.

'The Knucklehead' for my bikers or 'The Ripple Effect' for my anglers.

1 Part Southern Comfort

2 Parts Jack Daniels

2 Parts Crown

Half Cranberry

Half Pineapple Juice

Stir and top with a splash or three of 151 Rum

This drink will put some hair on your BEEP I can promise you!

The Pan-head' for my bikers or 'The Dolly Varden' for my anglers.

1 Part Scotch of any kind

2 parts brandy of any kind but best with the 'top shelf' stuff

2 splash vermouth, dry

fill with orange juice but do not stir. It tastes better when the booze floats through the orange juice. Then top a cherry or olive. You can also throw in some olive juice for your desired taste.

The Shovelhead' for my bikers or 'The Fishing Trip' for my anglers

2 parts dark rum

1 part light rum

Fill with a diet cola but I like using diet Mt. Dew because I love the taste much better.

Stir and top with a splash of 151 rum and some strawberries. Trust me, it does taste very good.

Last but not least is my favorite shot.

'The Bowling Ball' for my bikers. [AMF bought out Harley-Davidson once and everyone called the bikes Bowling Balls] or 'The Ling Shot' for my anglers

In a tall shot glass put 3 parts Crown and 1 part Black Velvet then a splash of cola! BOOM! That will warm you up!

Happy riding or fishing or both if that is what you do!